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  • 40lb Beaver Rescued from East River

    A 40lb beaver was “rescued” from the East River in New York City by police who were searching for bombs during the pope’s visit. Yes, we appreciate the Police’s efforts in saving the beaver. One of the few ever seen in the East River. It was breathing heavily and clearly sick. But one can’t help […]

  • Tigers in the Korean DMZ?

    from boing boing: People are now willing to pay large sums to see wild animals in the proper setting,” Mr. Shore said. “Eco-tourism would protect the DMZ from becoming the Hamptons of South Korea.” [Bruce Sterling says: “Perhaps it’s possible to transform the Hamptons into a DMZ.“]

  • Cops Need Buffalo Management Training

    This is old news but the photo is timeless… PIKESVILLE, Md., April 26, 2006- You could forgive the police in Baltimore County for feeling more like ranchers than officers on Tuesday morning. Instead of hunting criminals, they were chasing a herd of bison that escaped from a farm and roamed through several affluent neighborhoods for […]

  • Harbor Seals return to New York Harbor

    To the surprise of many, in 2006, Harbor Seals returned to New York Bay . Even the shocked curator of the New York Aquarium suggesting that they were healthy when comparing them to healthy sausage. “Look at them,” marveled Paul L. Sieswerda, the curator of the New York Aquarium. “They’re like bags of meat. They’re […]

  • Turning Turds into Oil

    from AP: The thermochemical conversion process uses intense heat and pressure to break down the molecular structure of manure into oil. Itís much like the natural process that turns organic matter into oil over centuries, but in the laboratory the process can take as little as a half-hour. The technology is a few years away […]

  • Power Off the Grid; more russia

    Some crazy photos of what looks like a power plant based in siberia but no-one knows for sure what it was used for. Would make a hell of hamster tunnel. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • DMZ’s rich ecosystem

    from viridiandesign.org: “According to the South Korean government’s six-year study of the ecosystem in the DMZ, the 250-km-long, 4-km-wide no-man’s land that separates heavily armed forces has been reconfirmed as housing some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna. “Revealing its study conducted from 1995 until Feb. 6 of last year, the Korea […]

  • 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Former Soviet Union

    Some of the most amazing images of decaying Russia, that would be fascinating to explore. Some of these places would be perfect to retrofit and create a home within… Check out the great article on Web Urbanist.


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