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  • Carbon Offset? What about Everything Else????

    What about all the local toxins in your house such as paints, adhesives, oils, household cleaners. Good Magazine put together a little article about which plants can be used to offset these local toxins.

  • Green Porno

    Using puppets, lots of felt, and a sexy voice, Isabella Rosselllini makes stunning little documentaries about insect love. Though just puppets, they procreate with astonishing detail. From the sundance channel

  • Bird Song Radio! Better then Talk Radio

    In the Uk, a talk radio station closed, and in its wake a new station was born that simply plays bird songs. It’s audience is tripled that of the talk radio station! “At the time I thought it was just the sound of an ordinary garden on the edge of Salisbury Plain but now it […]

  • Free Food : Edible Urban Party Jungle Studio

    Inky Muff Land III – edible urban party jungle studio (free food forest foundation) Jogja National Museum, Indonesia. 2008 – forever. Artist Namaiki created an installation with over 200 species of local fruit trees and useful plants, sheep rabbits, over 10 tonnes of soil and compost, a pond, butterflies, lizards, chameleons, local black bamboo domes, […]

  • Dam Removals and Collapses

    With all the recent controversy surround dams, with the removal of the Milltown dam, and other damns in the west. Some using explosives, others by creating a bypass channel. Here’s some footage from dam explosion in china exposing the world largest dam on the Yangtze River.

  • ISBN Graffiti, Suggestive of Walden Pond

    from torontoist.com : ” It seems that some Toronto taggers are no longer content to scrawl their own names on blank concrete canvases around the city and are trying instead to make more of a cultural statement. Last year, references to composer Gustav Mahler popped up in several places around town. This year, a more […]

  • A Little Ecosystems in Keyboards!!

    Bacteria is thriving in dirty keyboards, in some cases better the on toilet seats, suggests a recent study in the UK. “Out of 33 keyboards swabbed, four were regarded as a potential health hazard and one harboured five times more germs than one of the office’s toilet seats.” -from the bbc


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