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  • mine eats city

    Open-pit zinc and lead mine devours Peru’s “Royal City of Mines.” “Like it or not, we depend on this main industry to maintain any semblance of development.” AP/Yahoo News

  • Gay Animals + Invisible Hand of Darwin.

    A recent New York Times Magazine article by Jon Mooallem discusses the research and assumptions surrounding “gay animals”. One of the more interesting issues that becomes a thread in the story is how often humans anthropomorphize animals in particularity using sexual orientation as a way to either prove or demonize the legitimacy of homosexuality. “we’re […]

  • Urban Parasites and Nomadic Plants

    Gilberto Esparza builds electronic “beam-bot” like robots that feed off of the environment. The urban parasite is device that crawls along the powerlines sucking on the electricity to fuel it’s movements. His more recent Nomadic Plants, on view at Laboreal Centro De Art ,”moves towards water when its bacteria require nourishment. It contains vegetation and […]


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