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  • Sleeping Beauty on the Tracks

    Sleeping Beauty on the Tracks The informal use of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof since the opening of the Berlin Wall is, or was, a unique example of wild urban green space appropriation ­– an inner-city oasis for dog owners, (nature) lovers, sporty types, children and petty criminals. Since the end of WWII, fields of tansies, wild […]


    A sink hole swallows a Quebec Family. Much of Quebec is above a clay formed by an old sea that makes it vulnerable to collapse. from NYT Because the clay formed in salt water, Professor Bouchard said, the molecular structure of its particles resembles playing cards arranged as an unstable house of cards, rather than […]

  • DMZ line to turn into protected wildlife zone.

    The DeMilitarized Zone between North + South Korea is to be turned into a protected wildlife zone.This is one of the rare areas that has been left completely untouched for 50 years and is home to several endangered species like to Korea Tiger and Asiatic Black Bear. While only 2 miles wide, it provides a […]

  • N.A.S.A. images of the Gulf Oil Spill

    NASA has posted some stunning images of the gulf oil spill as it creeps toward the Mississippi River Delta. Click on the 1st image to see it blown up 400% to see a lot of the details missing in the smaller version.

  • salt + petroleum = toilet bowl

    It’s 1980, the Diamond Crystal Salt Company operates a salt mine underneath Lake Peigneur in Louisiana, Texaco drills for oil downward from the surface of the lake, the two mines meet and flush the entire lake…


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