Iceburgs: multipurpose architectural placeholders until developers resurrect their projects.

“With the economy on hold, there are lots of good (and some bad) construction projects currently frozen mid-construction, leaving a glaring rip in the urban fabric. As Woods Bagot New York Principal Jeffrey Holmes traveled to work every day, he contemplated these voids and wondered what could be done to make them more attractive and useful until developers resumed their projects. What he came up with is an urban ‘Iceberg‘ made of recycled and recyclable materials that could be easily installed and would serve as a temporary and flexible space for any number of uses.”

More: Inhabitat & Bustler.


Woods Bagot Project ??????
This was a university project way before, done by some of my colleagues, the concept is nothing new! Please give some credit to the students! Most of the students developed much more their proposals and brought them to a feasible concept level, contrary to the Not Creative Woods Bagot ! Shame on such commercial practice to do this…

Phillip Morris added these pithy words on Jan 23 11 at 4:04 am

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iceburgs find new home



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