Antidepressants in the water are making shrimp suicidal.

“Exposure to the antidepressant fluoxetine [Prozac] causes shrimp to radically alter their behavior. While normal shrimp are more likely to avoid swimming towards light because it’s often associated with prey like birds or fishermen, those exposed to fluoxetine [Prozac] become five times more likely to swim towards light than away from it. That change in behavior places them in harm’s way, and if enough shrimp are exposed to the antidepressant the entire population could be at risk.” Read more here…

Our bodies don’t fully absorb all the drugs we take, and what remains goes down the toilet and out to sea.

This chart compares doped (“Infected”/red) shrimp compared to drug-free shrimp (“Control”/blue). “Phototaxis” and “Geotaxis” scores just mean how likely these shrimp are to float higher to the surface, thereby endangering their own lives.

Read the full-length report: Aquatic Toxicology.

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