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  • Eating Gassed Geese

    From nytimes “When Mr. Landers read of the federal government’s gassing and disposal of nearly 400 Canada geese in Prospect Park in the name of airline safety, and then read comments on City Room that Canada geese were not fit for human consumption anyway, he recognized an educational opportunity. “I saw people saying you can’t […]

  • Fischli + Weisse – Der Recht Weg (the right path)

    Here’s part of an older video from swiss artists Fischli + Weisse. A rat and a bear wander through glaciers stumbling through the country side and learn to make music. It’s possibly some 1970’s psychedelic folklore.

  • Gowanus Canal Water Vacuum

    Jerko, the Water Vaccuum is a converted house boat that is outfitted with a floating wetland to clean the toxic gowanus canal which was recently designed as a super fund site. from Columbia Water Center: According to the EPA, the Gowanus Canal was “the repository of untreated industrial wastes, raw sewage, and surface water runoff […]

  • 1982 Manhattan Farm Intervention

    Last weekend I heard Agnes Denes talk the Creative Time Summit, on her project Wheatfield — A Confrontation (1982). It’s really a classic project but one that I hadn’t heard of. Quite simply she pulled off the unimaginable, she planted and harvested a two-acre wheat field on a landfill in lower Manhattan blocks away from […]

  • Turtle People

    Saving turtle nests from the Gulf Oil Spill was beyond the scope of any federal or local agency so they solicited the help of “turtle people”. Jon Mooallem, from the NYtimes, dives into the story and characters behind one of the largest rescue and environmental relocation projects attempted, all with the help of UPS and […]

  • Eco Art Tech release Indeterminate Hikes

    Christine Nadir + Cary Peppermint just launched a new Android App to explore urban wilderness in a mobile app the guides you to ” direct you to a series of Scenic Vistas, where you will have the opportunity to contemplate nature or wildness in a globalized, urban space and the overlapping terrains of psychological and […]


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