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  • Rats hunt land mines

    Here’s another rat story but with a positive spin instead of ending up at the wrong end of a pitch fork. In Tanzania rats have been successful trained to hunt land mines. Now thailand is trying the same along the Burmese border where humans and elephants have had a history of land mine casualties. “Rats have excellent […]

  • Marcy House Rat + a pitchfork

      Taken at the Marcy House projects in Brooklyn last week this photo apparently shows housing worker Jose Rivera holding a three-foot rat he killed at the end of a pitch fork.Rivera told The Daily News he hit the rodent once and it kept moving, but he struck it again and it died. “I’m not […]

  • Mutating in response to pollutants

    Environmental changes have always had a profound impact on the evolution of species. The advent of cities like NYC, have especially brought along swift environmental changes, steering evolution in a completely new direction. White footed mice for example, originally brought along by European settlers, have now become accustomed to urban stress, and have adopted from […]

  • Chickens for F-16’s

    from:Atlantic Monthly Lockheed Martin wanted to sell F-16 fighter jets to the Thai government The Problem: Lockheed Martin was competing with Russia’s Sukhoi and Sweden’s Saab. Also the Thai government didn’t want to pay in cash, so it proposed paying with 80,000 tons of frozen chickens. The Role of U.S. Diplomats: They actually worked to […]

  • Grizzly+Polar=Grolar? Or Is That Pizzly?

    By Jen Phillips | Thu Dec. 16, 2010 4:15 AM PST For some time, it’s been apparent that just as climate change is killing some species, it’s making room for others to expand, or fostering creation of new species [1] altogether via hybridization. In the Arctic, hybridization is a particular problem for conservationists trying to […]

  • Corn Syrup Happy Urban Bee’s Feast on Artificial Flavor.

    “I didn’t want to believe it,” said Ms. Mayo, a soft-spoken young woman who has long been active in the slow-food movement. She found it particularly hard to believe that the bees would travel all the way from Governors Island to gorge themselves on junk food. “Why would they go to the cherry factory,” she […]

  • Is Wi-Fi Radiation Making Trees Sick?

    by Timon Singh, 11/22/10 Wi-fi networks blanket urban areas around the world, keeping us constantly connected to the internet wherever we may be — however a new European study finds that these networks may have harmful side-effects on the environment. According to a report by Wageningen University, the constant humming of internet data centers and […]

  • HoneyComb Walls drip

    from bldgblog A single-family home in California has been “invaded” by bees—so much so that honey is now leaking from the electrical outlets, coming “from a giant beehive behind the walls.” When the owner reached into one of the house’s vents to investigate this growing problem, he pulled out “honeycomb after honeycomb after honeycomb,” according […]

  • Eating Gassed Geese

    From nytimes “When Mr. Landers read of the federal government’s gassing and disposal of nearly 400 Canada geese in Prospect Park in the name of airline safety, and then read comments on City Room that Canada geese were not fit for human consumption anyway, he recognized an educational opportunity. “I saw people saying you can’t […]


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