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  • Fischli + Weisse – Der Recht Weg (the right path)

    Here’s part of an older video from swiss artists Fischli + Weisse. A rat and a bear wander through glaciers stumbling through the country side and learn to make music. It’s possibly some 1970’s psychedelic folklore.

  • salt + petroleum = toilet bowl

    It’s 1980, the Diamond Crystal Salt Company operates a salt mine underneath Lake Peigneur in Louisiana, Texaco drills for oil downward from the surface of the lake, the two mines meet and flush the entire lake…

  • wild west apocalypse

    southern california, dirty water, dying fish, dying bees, desert squatters, military wastelands, trash. Toxic Imperial Valley from vbs.tv

  • Rage of Nature Trailer

    RAGE OF NATURE TRAILER from JOSHFOX on Vimeo. The film the Rage of Nature follows director Josh Fox on his odyssey out West, as he encounters natural gas drilling activists, advocates & victims. Then we return with him back East, as he tries to stop the oncoming tide of natural gas drilling from slamming Pennsylvania […]

  • Nude at Ted Talks: miru kim

    Ted Talks has a great presentation by miru kim on her work. It’s a short 15 minute talk but offers some interesting insight into her motivations, work, and explorations About Miru Kim: Miru Kim is a fearless explorer of abandoned and underground places. Her photography underscores the vulnerable nature of the human explorer in these […]

  • Bear Prefers Quizno’s to Subway

    A bear walks into Subway and then decides there is nothing worth eating there. Then as is expected he’s hunted down and shot. I’ve walked out of Subway disappointed too, but i’ve never gotten shot. Also, doesn’t it look the bear didn’t need the wheel chair access button? I think he used his hands.

  • Green Porno

    Using puppets, lots of felt, and a sexy voice, Isabella Rosselllini makes stunning little documentaries about insect love. Though just puppets, they procreate with astonishing detail. From the sundance channel

  • Dam Removals and Collapses

    With all the recent controversy surround dams, with the removal of the Milltown dam, and other damns in the west. Some using explosives, others by creating a bypass channel. Here’s some footage from dam explosion in china exposing the world largest dam on the Yangtze River.


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