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  • Sleeping Beauty on the Tracks

    Sleeping Beauty on the Tracks The informal use of Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof since the opening of the Berlin Wall is, or was, a unique example of wild urban green space appropriation ­– an inner-city oasis for dog owners, (nature) lovers, sporty types, children and petty criminals. Since the end of WWII, fields of tansies, wild […]

  • EcoArtTech release turbulance commission.

    Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir, who make up EcoArtTech, have just posted their Turbulance commission. Its a great project that corrupts image files based on the pollution outside a national park where the flickr image was taken. “Eclipse” is a user driven, networked-art application that alters and corrupts United States national and state park images […]

  • Repackaging Nature

    Great interview with phillip ross on rhizome. His current projects include a long-term effort to grow a large building out of mushrooms, and a new, ongoing salon (“Critter”) at the Studio for Urban Projects, a unique cultural center opened in 2008 by Alison Sant and Marina MacDougal. Ross describes the studio as “a collective of […]

  • DMZ’s rich ecosystem

    from viridiandesign.org: “According to the South Korean government’s six-year study of the ecosystem in the DMZ, the 250-km-long, 4-km-wide no-man’s land that separates heavily armed forces has been reconfirmed as housing some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna. “Revealing its study conducted from 1995 until Feb. 6 of last year, the Korea […]



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