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  • Gay Animals + Invisible Hand of Darwin.

    A recent New York Times Magazine article by Jon Mooallem discusses the research and assumptions surrounding “gay animals”. One of the more interesting issues that becomes a thread in the story is how often humans anthropomorphize animals in particularity using sexual orientation as a way to either prove or demonize the legitimacy of homosexuality. “we’re […]

  • “Uncompromising Wildness”

    Jon Mooallem, from the NYtimes, wrote a fascinating article about training wooping cranes to migrate through costumes and ultralight planes. He raises some pointagnt concepts about re-introduction, particularly on the increasing dependents of human interaction for a species survival and the extent we have become involved to protect “conservation-reliant species”. ” Having disrupted natural fire […]

  • Tigers in the Korean DMZ?

    from boing boing: People are now willing to pay large sums to see wild animals in the proper setting,” Mr. Shore said. “Eco-tourism would protect the DMZ from becoming the Hamptons of South Korea.” [Bruce Sterling says: “Perhaps it’s possible to transform the Hamptons into a DMZ.“]

  • Cops Need Buffalo Management Training

    This is old news but the photo is timeless… PIKESVILLE, Md., April 26, 2006- You could forgive the police in Baltimore County for feeling more like ranchers than officers on Tuesday morning. Instead of hunting criminals, they were chasing a herd of bison that escaped from a farm and roamed through several affluent neighborhoods for […]



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