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  • Repackaging Nature

    Great interview with phillip ross on rhizome. His current projects include a long-term effort to grow a large building out of mushrooms, and a new, ongoing salon (“Critter”) at the Studio for Urban Projects, a unique cultural center opened in 2008 by Alison Sant and Marina MacDougal. Ross describes the studio as “a collective of […]

  • Moss Graffiti invades Brooklyn

    It’s about time more moss grows in brooklyn. Edina Tokodi has been creating moss figures on building sites, and other abondoned walls. I’m guessing it’s a mixture of found moss, some biodegrable glue. Hopefully they will stay, expand and grow beyond the boundaries of her figures.

  • Carbon Offset? What about Everything Else????

    What about all the local toxins in your house such as paints, adhesives, oils, household cleaners. Good Magazine put together a little article about which plants can be used to offset these local toxins.



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