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  • mine eats city

    Open-pit zinc and lead mine devours Peru’s “Royal City of Mines.” “Like it or not, we depend on this main industry to maintain any semblance of development.” AP/Yahoo News

  • architecture thriving on pollution.

    A building designed t0 grow a coat of Ďfurí (comprised of airborne dust) on itís outer surfaces via static electricity. don’t sneeze: “Dusty Relief, an edifice under construction in Bangkok which is surrounded by electrically charged wire that “grows fur” by statically attracting airborne filth. He has also conceived stealth habitats, hypothetical communities hidden from […]

  • EcoArtTech release turbulance commission.

    Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir, who make up EcoArtTech, have just posted their Turbulance commission. Its a great project that corrupts image files based on the pollution outside a national park where the flickr image was taken. “Eclipse” is a user driven, networked-art application that alters and corrupts United States national and state park images […]



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