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  • “Uncompromising Wildness”

    Jon Mooallem, from the NYtimes, wrote a fascinating article about training wooping cranes to migrate through costumes and ultralight planes. He raises some pointagnt concepts about re-introduction, particularly on the increasing dependents of human interaction for a species survival and the extent we have become involved to protect “conservation-reliant species”. ” Having disrupted natural fire […]

  • Repackaging Nature

    Great interview with phillip ross on rhizome. His current projects include a long-term effort to grow a large building out of mushrooms, and a new, ongoing salon (“Critter”) at the Studio for Urban Projects, a unique cultural center opened in 2008 by Alison Sant and Marina MacDougal. Ross describes the studio as “a collective of […]

  • Turning Turds into Oil

    from AP: The thermochemical conversion process uses intense heat and pressure to break down the molecular structure of manure into oil. Itís much like the natural process that turns organic matter into oil over centuries, but in the laboratory the process can take as little as a half-hour. The technology is a few years away […]



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